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Nikon's Controversial History

"Most people, even in Japan, are unaware of our connection with the Mitsubishi community of companies." [Teruo Shimamura, President and CEO, Nikon, in a Mitsubishi interview]

"Our managers and executives are keenly aware of Nikon's connection to Mitsubishi. Most employees, however are not aware of the relationship and don't need to be." [Jack Abrams, CEO, Nikon USA]

Imperial Japanese Navy and Nikon's Move into Consumer Cameras
An academic article explores Nikon's humble origin in 1917 to being the leading optical supplier to the Japanese Navy as well as being its research and develpment wing to its move into consumer cameras during 1930s.

Patents Infringements, Disputes and Lawsuits

Nikon 'borrows' German Zeiss lens and Leica shutter designs
Nikon didn't produce civilian cameras before the end of world war 2. After the war, patents laws were lax and Nikon and Canon didn't lose much time in borrowing without permission German designs and patents to become major players in civilian photography instruments.