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Mitsubishi Motors' Hub Defect Cover-up Criticised

"Mitsubishi Motors Murdered my Child"

May 6, 2004. Yoko Masuda, victim Shiho Okamoto's mother, held a press conference, blaming Mitsubishi Motors for her daughter Shiho Okamoto's "murder." She said that it was murder by the company as a whole and she would never forgive it as long as she lived. She urged the company to tell the truth and apologize sincerely from the bottom of their hearts. Nobuteru Ishihara, Japan's Transport Minister, was furious, and saying that Mitsubishi has done similar things in past, called it "very evil" and mentioned "malicious intent" behind not wanting to recall the trucks.

Asahi Shimbun quoted Masato Nakamura, a product liability lawyer as "Mitsubishi had not learned a lesson from the earlier cover-up scandal. ``I suspect the automaker had a corporate tradition of betraying consumers."

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