Mitsubishi Sucks

Mitsubishi Sucks


A whale!/ Down it goes, and more and more/ up goes its tail! - Yosa Buson (1716-84)

POW Slave Labor

Hanawa (Sendai #6) Slave Labor POW Camp for Mitsubishi Copper Mining

Maurice "Mo" Mazer survived the Bataan Death March. He was sent to Hanawa Camp to work for Mitsubishi Mining in its copper mines. Mazer says he was crippled for life when nonmilitary overseers ran a full cart of ore into him because he had complained about conditions in the mine. "They were standing there, laughing," Mazer remembers. His crime, he says, was not bowing low enough.

Even after 55 years and a lifetime farming in China, Li Yunde says the memories of toiling and starving as a forced laborer at Mitsubishi Takashima Coal Mine Co. in Kyushu during World War II still make him cry. He was one of estimated millions of Chinese forced to work in mines, armament factories and constructing railroads by the occupying Japanese forces.

Oh Heun Kwon of Los Angeles was a slave labor at a Mitsubishi shipbuilding plant in Japan in 1944

In Korea, Japanese firms used about 5 million Koreans as slave laborers, Oh Heun Kwon of Los Angeles was a slave labor at a Mitsubishi shipbuilding plant in Japan in 1944 of whom about 250,000 were taken to Japan, said a lawyer for plaintiffs seeking compensation from firms like Nippon Steel U.S.A. Inc. and Mitsubishi Corp. 500,000 Filipinos served as slave laborers, according to him.

Mitsubishi : Empire of Exploitation by Linda Goetz Holmes
Whether it was transporting Allied POWs by "Hell Ships" or mistreating them in slave labor camps, Mitsubishi Group companies seemed quite willing to do their share.

Mitsubishi Motors Sexual Harassment Suit

Sign outside Mitsubishi Motors Plant


Imperial Japanese Navy and NIKON

SCANDALS: Fuso Truck Clutch Box, Hub, Fire

Lancer (Evolution Evo) Poor CRASH Test


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