Mitsubishi! TOS

Mitsubishi! TOS

Feedback and Problems

Read the Mitsubishi Problems contributed to this site or contribute. Any other feedback link from the previous one. Also check out some past/potential Mitsubishi Class Problems


Sitemap will take some more time than expected. Detailed TOS will be put up then. In short term am planning to add some information for a few major Mitsubishi group companies, diary of a Hanawa #3 camp's POW and some material on employment discrimination.


1. Copyrights belong to their original owners. You will have to ask for their permissions to use their material. There is copyright to material written or translated by me however it is free provided it is used for non-commercial purposes, personal private use and is attributed to me. Non-commercial use for a broader audience - say through websites - require permission, easily granted. However under "fair use" doctrine, whether for commercial use or not, you are allowed to reproduce reasonable amounts of text and graphs.


This site is a non-profit, public service informational site dealing with Mitsubishi group of companies. If you have any disagreement with any material I have posted here, I hope you will try to resolve with me amicably. In case of legal issues, laws of State of California will apply.

Contacting Me

If you have any concerns or questions about this website including but not limited to copyrights, domain name, defamation, or whatever:

mitsubishi-sucks at ahnislamak dot com (reverse the center text)
can be used for expediency but will not replace mailed letter for legal purpose. Mailing address will be provided once email is received or can be obtained directly from query on this domain name.

(Last Updated: June 17, 2004.)

Mitsubishi! TOS

A Mitsubishi- Eclipse of Ethics presentation.