North America


Mitsubishi Regions

Mitsubishi's trade with its neighboring countries like China and South Korea is expected to drawf its trade with the USA and Europe. These Asian countries, especially China, provides a nice, low-cost manufacturing base. Obviously because of the painful past, issues between Mitsubishi and other Asian countries could be different from issues in North America and Europe. Environmental concerns could take a backseat to Mitsubishi's slave labor history.

Will an united Europe appear to be as one or will it break down across national boundaries when it comes to major issues, has to be seen.

Because of declining birth rates in Japan and the growing need for technicians, India and other South Asian countries might become more important because of their willingness to supply low-cost and docile labor who didn't have stormy past with Mitsubishi or Japan.

Major Regions



Mitsubishi has a strong presence in Asia and given its turbulent history with many of its neighbors the increasing level of interconnections will prove to a very interesting case study. South Asian countries don't seem to be in its radar except for as providers of cheap material and human resources.

In East and South-East Area, the feeling towards Japan and MItsubishi runs the gamut of hate to admiration and seems complex by Western standards.

Unlike the superpower USA which has some very good friends in the middle east and some not-so-good, Mitsubishi Corporation, like most of the Japanese firms, seems to be in good terms with all thus assuring access to a vital resouce.