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Abstract of problems professionals and users had with Nikon's digital SLR camera D70. Please send us your Nikon D70 related negative experience so that other consumers can benefit. It has got decent reviews from sites selling D70 cameras and if one is not that picky it might be the one for you. Price is decent and at least it won't all of a sudden catch fire like Nikon's sister organization Mitsubishi Fuso's trucks. Thanks.

Popular Photography Magazine - Michael J. McNamara

Michael tested Nikon D70 for its April 2004 issues. His gripe was that the camera's viewfinder magnification of 0.76X created "slight tunnel-vision effect." He mentioned Nikon D100 and EOS Digital rebel as having higher magnifications. 1.5X 35mm lens limited ultrawide view.

On minor note he found noise at certain ISO speed to be higher than that for Digital Rebel. He also found Nikon's AF cpeed to be slower than Rebel's, especially in low lights.

Moreover, as many reviewers have pointed out, he mentioned lack of optional vertical grip or microphone and Nikon Capture 4.1 software for remote control being optional. - Stephen Williams

He expressed his opinion that a non-SLR camera with similar price and specs he tried - Sony DSC-F828, is better than D70 in lens quality and matches up to Nikon in power efficiency and lack of shutter lag.


A few cons mentioned here.

CNET - Lori Grunin

Review mentioned that RAW-file editing software for Nikon D70 costs extra. Only one set of custom parameters is saved. User comments had somewhat different focus and some of the salient complaints were:

PC Magazine - Sally Wiener Grotta

Nikon D70 Digital SLR Camera's

DCRP Review - Jeff Keller

He thinks that if one already has invested in Canon Digital Rebel with lens, there is no need to switch. - Thom Hogan