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Did the Nikon Fan Site Violate Nikon's Copyrights?

It's a popular hobbyist site hosted in Malaysia covering review of photographic equipment including Nikon's cameras like its vintage models like the FA, F, F1, F2, FM and so on. It has message boards so that people trying to trade their equipments or solve their camera problems can get help from others. This site is different from most photography site in the sense that we don't find countless ads pitching cameras for us to buy. Perhaps, that explains why the reviews read more honest.

This site had posted Nikon FA and Nikon F3 manual, both developed from scratch and not just copied from Nikon's manuals, on its site. One day, in June 2000, the webmaster received an email from Nikon USA asking him to remove them because of the copyrights issues. The webmaster removed the manuals from the website.

Webmaster's Thoughts on Nikon's Conduct

Leonard, the webmaster, claims that he had the support of Shriro Malaysia , Nikon's distrubutor in Asia. Besides, Nikon had stopped supporting both the products about 10 years ago. On the other hand, Canon had been most helpful in providing him with all the required manuals. He wondered, "Hmmm.... just a matter of negative corporate culture, or am I too harsh on some Nikon product reviews here in my site ?"

Nikon Users Response

A viewer quickly wrote, "I do believe it's a combination of bad corporate culture and shrewd business tactics; they probably do want people to stop buying old equipment that they're not making money from." Similar thoughts were shared by many more users. You decide after reading the details at the original source posted below.

Nikon USA gets FA and F3 manuals removed citing copyright violation