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EEOC Press Releases

All the regarding Mitsubishi's sexual harassment case in its manufacuring plant at Normal, Illinois.

EEOC Chairman Comments on Lawsuit Against Mitsubishi (April 22, 1996)

EEOC Chairman Comments on News Reports Regarding Mitsubishi Lawsuit (April 25, 1996)

Statement of Chairman Gilbert F. Casellas in Response to Mitsubishi Motor Manufacturing of America Announcement (May 14, 1996)

EEOC Scores Major Victory in Mitsubishi Lawsuit (January 21, 1998)

Mitsubishi Motor Manufacturing and EEOC Reach Voluntary Agreement To Settle Harassment Suit (June 11, 1998)

Monitors Say Mitsubishi in Compliance with EEOC Consent Decree; Sexual Harassment 'firmly under control' at U. S. Plant (September 6, 2000)

EEOC Responds to Final Report of Mitsubishi Consent Decree Monitors (May 23, 2001)

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