Disability Discrimination

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EEOC on September 9, 1998 stated that Mitsubishi Motor Manufacturing of America had agreed to pay disabled applicants who were denied job offers at Bloomington, Illinois auto plant. The disabilities included diabetes, asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome, hearing impairments and back troubles. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said that $3 million will be paid to 87 applicants with payment range from $10K to $120K.

EEOC mentioned that 87 candidates for jobs were rejected based on their disabilities. "The investigation we did showed that when people applied for jobs at Mitsubishi and were given conditional job offers, they were then required to take a medical exam, which is OK," Jean Kamp, spokesperson for EEOC said. "But then, if the medical exam showed any kind of restriction at all, they would not hire them."

According to EEOC, there won't be any new hiring at the Mitsubishi plant until the manufacturer has revised its hiring policies. The personnel who do the hiring will be retrained, said Mitsubishi spokeswoman Gael O'Brien. Mitsubishi also agreed to open its plant to the EEOC so officials can interview workers on the hiring process and review hiring documents.

A few laws:

Civil Rights Act of 1964 including job disability discrimination