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June 2, 2004. Mitsuo Hashimoto, MMC's head of Quality Control told reporters that authorities were informed in 2000 that there could be cases of cover ups dating before 1998 but according to him they just ignored that advice.

June 2004

Mitsubishi Motots Japan

17 models Recalled

Number Potentially Involved: 163,707 (156,433 Japan, rest Overseas)

Dates of Manufacture: 1992-1997

Defect: Malfunctioning airbags, suspension, brakes, engine oil system, coolers, ...

Background: Appears that these problems were known to MMC in 2000 when it was forced to recall vehicles to repair faulty fuel tanks and brakes. At that time it knew of 92 defects, out of which 30 recallable ones, but recalled vehicles for only 4, leaving 26 defects not recalled. This will be Mitsubishi's secong largest recall, following its recall of 760,000 in 2000. A few exported vehicles - about 7,000 - are included too.

Almost all models produced by MMC are subject to recall. Defective air bags in the Gallant, leaking fuel tank of the Pajero (Montero?), suspension of Sigma, a car widely used as a police patrol car in Japan, Mirage, are all up for recall.

MMC announced that 115 cars, including 2 models, were to be recalled for air bag defects. A faulty part may keep the air bags from inflating enough to prevent injury in a head-on collision, it said. Out of these 115 vehicles, 17 were exported to Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Dominican Republic and Hong Kong.

20,056 vehicles including ones sold overseas had defective oil cooler hose that might break when the car is overloaded or is accelerates too fast. Involves 92-93 Lancer, Mirage and Libero auto model.

On June 24, Mitsubishi admitted that 1992 Libero hatchback had an incident while parked when the hatchback slammed shut by itself striking people's heads. 11 were injured and some of the victims needed stitches. MMC failed to disclose this when it recalled the vehicle.

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Defective airbags and coolers..

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