Pajero and Minica Toppo Recall

Mitsubishi Motors

June 2004


Pajero sport-utility vehicles, Minica Toppo minicars and other models

Number Potentially Involved: 50,837

Dates of Manufacture: 1993-1996

Defect: Includes fuel tank and brake problems.

Background: Part of planned recall of 156,474 units of 19 vehicle models to repair 26 faults by the end of July. MMC discovered one vehicle fire which may have been caused by a problem related to the recall and is investigating and will announce its findings on June 23. It plans to recheck customer complaints filed between April 2001 and May 2004 to see if any other accidents were caused by these faults. About 55,000 complaints filed with dealers were ignored in past.

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(Last Updated: June 18, 2004.)

Includes fuel tank and brake problems.

Includes Pajero sport-utility vehicles and Minica Toppo minicars

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