Pajero, Carisma ... io be Recalled

Mitsubishi Motors

Passenger Car Recalls

June 2004

Mitsubishi Motots Japan

Pajero io, Carisma + other models

Number Potentially Involved: 118,000 in Japan + 231,000 Overseas

Dates of Manufacture: October 1998 and February 2004 (Japan)

Defect: Rear-wheel shaft, bumpers and signal indicators.

Background: This recall is separate from the recall MMC made regarding decades old cover up of its defects. Just an ordinary recall.

In Singapore, Jardine Cycle and Carriage informed that 42 Pajero iO units made between 1998 and 2000 will be recalled. Rear signal indicator lens coating that "may peel and become colourless" will be replaced[]

In New Zealand 3 vehicles are involved. Pajero io, about 250 of them here, were issued field service advice rather than a formal recall, meaning that the rear indicator light that could lose its amber hue could be detected and replaced during regular service checks. Delica van, a potentially small number in NZ, not sold directly by Mitsubishi, which might have a problem with the damper assembly on the rear differential is another. Legnum station wagon's air bag might not deploy properly becuase of low power. [New Zealand Herald]

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Pajero, Carisma, rear-wheel shaft, bumpers and signal indicators.

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