Japan Recall of Large Truck and Bus

Mitsubishi Motors

Large Truck and Bus Recall

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April 2004

Mitsubishi Fuso and Bus Japan

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Recall

Number Potentially Involved: 10600 (9100 truck + 1500 bus)

Dates of Manufacture: Truck - between December 1989 and December 1990, Bus - between June 1990 and February 1991

Defect: Hubs are thinner than usual and could rupture.

Background: 65 incidents starting September 1990. Most vehicles recalled have been earlier recalled under different campaigns. Asahi Shimbun on 16th April reported that Mitsubishi knew about this problem, that was caused by a computer programming error, as early as 1990, but decided to keep quiet about this that time.

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Hubs are thinner than usual and could rupture.

Mitsubishi Fuso Bus and Truck

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