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More than just cars and parts suck about this company!

July 13, 2004

The long and the short of it...My mother, a retired visiting nurse in her fifties- could not afford a car on her own and needed a new one because of the amount of traveling she does.

We went to a Mitsubishi dealership and I co-signed for a Lancer for her. 6 months into having the car (we were never offered gap insurance and not too many folks know about it until it is too late) she was hit and the car was totaled. This woman taught all my uncles to drive mind you and this was the first accident I can recall since she was in her early thirties. The blame fell entirely on the other driver and the insurance company paid all but 7,900 on the car.

Mitsubishi motors corp told us on the phone that the 325.00 payments she had been making monthly would no longer due since there was no longer a car as collateral. She made another payment, now without a car to get around, they contacted us a month later to say that they were serious, they wanted the rest right there and then.

We told them that was impossible and they offered one alternative: 3 easy monthly back to back payments of just 2,600.00 ! Still impossible. She offered to double her payments and have them take it out of her checking account as she receives a monthly retirement check and works on call for different nursing agencies. They said no.

NOW it is in collections with OSI (check out OSI eats poop . com) (though she still has been sending the 325.00 so that at least she is sending something until (hopefully) a REASONABLE agreement would be made. After a week of crying now between the two of us, we are going through the same thing with OSI. "That is not good enough for our client, you'll have to come up with at least this much or at least that much" Yah, I'll have a walkathon.... or maybe I'll hang a red light from my porch and a neon light that says open late. Better yet, let me pull my magic wand out of the old trunk and produce the balance from thin air.

My son had bought a Mitsubishi a couple of months before my mother bought hers. Now we are spreading the word about their unfair business practice acts. No one we know will ever walk the lots of a Mitsubishi dealership again as long as we can help it.

I deem them so because I don't see how any company can refuse payments from someone willing to pay when there are enough folks out there willing to tell them to shi- in the wind.

Melting Mitsubishi

Shawn McGough

June 17, 2004

Thanks for putting this site up. Unfortunately it was too late for me, but hopefully it will help to educate people on the shoddy product Mitsubishi produces. I actually took Mitsubishi to small claims court over my experience and I eventually made a little flash game about it. Check it out:
If you feel that it fits with the mission of your non-profit website, please feel free to link to it or even host it directly from your site. Regards.'s note: Check this this site listed on Mitsubishi Sucks Resources on Sucks/gripe websites

my 2003 Evo 8 clutch problems

Mat Sipe ruckus85 at wind and fire links . net [replace wind and wire]

June 16, 2004

My name is Mat Sipe from Westerville, Ohio. I got my 2003 Evolution in August of 2003 and it is now June of 2004. The car has 9,505 miles on it and can't be driven because of the clutch failing. The car is mildly modified but all mods have been installed by the dealer ( Dennis Mitsubishi ) When I had the car towed to the dealer, which they offered to pay for the towing, they checked it out and said it would be about $1500 to get repaired, $700+ for parts and another $700+ for installation. They said it needed a new clutch, clutch housing, throw out bearing, and flywheel. That was early in April and now it's mid June and I can't drive my $35,000 vehicle i've had for only 10 months.

My Mitsubishi '95 Galant SUCKS!

Brian P. Corcoran (firstname.P.lastname at Dartmouth dot first 3 characters of EDUCATION - replace firstname and lastname exactly)

May 24, 2004
I have had a '95 Galant since January of '99. I am at 123,000 miles at this point picked it up for $9688.00 and 43,000 miles, it has seen a few Vermont winters, Florida Summers and most recently a few New Hampshire winters. I didn't know that all the problems that I was having were going on with others. I will list them and you can publish them on the site hopefully getting me some help.

I would buy a new car but can't afford it! I put cash into this pile of dog crap so I can get to work to maybe make money to buy something else but then all the money I save goes to fixing it so that I can start saving again!

BC, Assistant Equipment Manager
Dartmouth College Athletics
Thompson Arena

Robert's 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS Fog Lights

Robert (GarcRbrtnine at aol dot com [replace nine by 9])

May 24, 2004.
Do you know if mitsubishi is aware of the problem with the 2003 fog lights breaking. Both of my fog lights are now broken and they said the same thing that something must have struck the light. I want to know if there is any way of getting them fixed by the dealer. Any suggestions let me know. thanks


1989 Mitsubishi Precis

Frank Frega (Frank.Frega at av en t is [dot] c*m)

March 31, 2004
I purchased my 1989 Mitsubishi Precis brand new. The car now has about 64,000 miles on it. I found out soon after that it was really a Hyundai Excel. The oil filler cap on the valve cover even says Hyundai on it. My father who is 80 years old has been driving the car all these years has been disappointed with the quality of this car. I installed rear speakers when it was still new and found the plastic used to mount the speakers to be inferior. If you score it with a knife and bend it, it breaks at the weakest point, not where you scored it. There is considerable noise coming from what sounds like a bad mount or bushing on the engine/transmission while driving the car. The worst problem is the fact that it has been burning so much oil and constantly blows smoke. In New Jersey, this has become a major issue and has caused my father to be stopped numerous times because of the smoke. I was told that the valve stem seals in the engine were bad. There was a revision on the valve stem seals and replacement is supposed to correct the problem. The valve stem seals have been bad since it had very low mileage. The overall integrity of the car is very bad and I would not want to be involved in a major accident in this vehicle especially since it doesn't have any air bags in it. I wouldn't buy another Mitsubishi product if you gave it to me half price. I have Toyotas with over 300,000 miles on them that hardly burn any oil and haven't had nearly as many quality weak points as the Precis.

2004 Diamante VRX

Tod M. Schneider (tmschneider at y! dot c o m)

March 24, 2004
This purchase was a mess. First of all I never got a final letter for the termination of my 2001 Galant GTZ, My car came with scratches, flat spots on the tires, out of alignment, rotors were warped, vibration noises in the interior. I have had my car in several times and my car still needs work. Service guys helped out a lot, but explained that the rorots had to be turned twice in 10k miles and pads were worn to 30%. No alternative but to try and find after market parts to avoid having to turn rotoirs every 5k miles.