Mitsubishi Electric Car 2012 Range Review

Mitsubishi 2012 I-MIEV No Range on Home Page

October 16, 2011. 2012 Mitsubishi i-Miev electric cars! The worst car of the year, decade or ever!!! It claims range of 62 miles on full charge but tries to obfuscate the facts by hiding it behind its MPGe numbers, which is quite a useless number for range information.

Range-Anxiety - Mitsubishi Owns This Term Now

iMiEV's home page (top part shown here) was silent about its range and clicking its ADVANTAGES tab gave us the range information as you see here. Wow! 60-miles range is an advantage! (BTW we took this information on October 14, 2011 and on 15th, Mitsubishi removed this.) On pressing FAQ tab the first topic was related to the range but if one reads Mitsubishi's answer one would think a term like MPGe which is 112 is somewhat related to the range (it is not)-:

Based on EPA testing, the Mitsubishi i is rated with a MPGe of 126 City, 99 Highway for a combined 112 MPGe and a driving range of 62 miles.

Mitsubishi 2012 I-MIEV Range Anxiety Mitsubishi 2012 I-MIEV Range or MPG-e?

Deceptive/Misleading Range of i-MiEV Cars

While 62 miles range will turn off most of the potential buyers even though we believe that the MPGe figure of 112 quoted by Mitsubishi on its website and potentially by its dealers might fool some into thinking that the range is 112 miles and they might buy this lemon assuming that. We believe that this quote of 112 MPGe is intentional.

Imagine the following plausible conversation at one of Mitsubishi's dealers:

You: So what is its range?

Dealer: Oh MPGe. It's MPGe is 112 miles which is more than that of Nissan Leaf's.

You (thinking MPGe must be some technical term related to range and trying not to look ignorant): Oh, 112 miles is not bad.

Dealer (laughing inside): Here is the contract. Please sign it while my colleague washes the car for you to take this baby home today. You are so lucky to be the first person to get this diamond. (Talking inside - SUCKER!)

In Real Life What Driving Range to Expect

Mitsubishi 2012 I-MIEV Range Deception

Clicking the tab next to its range answer in FAQ section we get the following text:

Based upon various EPA testing methods using different driving conditions and climate controls, the EPA has rated the Mitsubishi i with an MPGe (Miles per Gallon Equivalent) of 126 City, 99 Highway, 112 Combined, with a driving range of 62 miles per charge. Actual range will vary depending on driving/charging habits, speed, conditions, weather, temperature, and battery age. Gradual loss of battery capacity will result with time and use.

Wow, such a verbose explanation and we know why. Let's examine the second half of it (first half is just repetion of previous material):

Actual range will vary depending on driving/charging habits, speed, conditions, weather, temperature, and battery age. Gradual loss of battery capacity will result with time and use.

You arrive at your own conclusions. Based on many reviews we believe that in many realistic circumstances it won't be unreasonable to expect 30% of more lowering of range to about 40 miles or so - when the battery is new. 30 miles or so in more adverse conditions like severe winter. This is assuming that one is able to charge i-MiEV's fully. This bring us to our next concern.

Can one charge Mitsubishi i-MiEV to Full Capacity?

Mitsubishi 2012 I-MIEV Charging methods

The snapshot taken from Mitsubishicars site tells us the story. Charging at home on 110 volt outlet will take more than 22 hours to charge this electric car to its fullest. Makes it quite impractical. What about the 80% charging in 30 minutes? Feasible for just a few lucky to have such a charging station within their reach and its availability at conveneint hours. Here too, charging is limited to only 80% since charging it over 80% seems to take a long time therefore overheating the battery and potentially reducing its charging capacity and life. Mitsubishi seems to enforce such a restriction.

Therefore one could get the 240 volt charger installed at home for the a significant cost and make sure to charge it for 7-9 hours everyday in order to use it daily. How many of us can afford to do it?

Long Drives on Mitsubishi i-MiEVs

From Mitsubishi's website:

Mitsubishi 2012 I-MIEV Long Driving Range?

The public charging infrastructure is developing to the point where we foresee that possibility. In fact, thousands of public quick-chargers are currently under development across the nation. So, in the near future, you may be able to take your i on longer journeys.

thousands of public quick-chargers ... in the near future!!! Well, we are speechless.


Mitsubishi i-Miev electric cars are for losers. Mitsubishi,as usual, is trying to deceive public into buying its lemons. Lots of green color on its website to create the image that this POS is an environmentally-conscious entity. We tax-payers are subsidizing this company's lemons by about $8,000 each so that it can put a green sticker on its image! Avoid this piece of crap. And...write to your congressperson.

Note: Snapshot's from Mitsubishi's site are shown for comments on their electric cars' range and charging times under fair use policy. Our experience is that Mitsubishi has changed its web site after we catch them lying to American consumers and reported on it.

Last Update: October 16, 2011