Mitsubishi i 2012 Fuel Capacity

Mitsubishi 2012 i Range EPA 62 miles

October 30, 2011. 2012 Mitsubishi i-Miev cars! The worst car ever!!! Of the universe!!! EPA has rated its range to 62 miles on full charge (in real-life we expect it to be much lower say about 40 miles per average charge) and Mitsubishi is relentlessly claiming some weird number 112 as its MPGe - some sort of MPG equivalent. What does it mean for you?

Like to Drive with Low-Fuel Warning Light On?

Then you will absolutely love these lemons. If you love the excitement of not knowing whether you will be able to reach your destination to say pick up your kid from school. Driving a Mitsubishi i is like driving a regular car with only half a gallon of gas in it - under best conditions.

Mitsubishi 2012 i MPGe MPG Equivalent

Fuel Tank Equivalent: HALF-A-GALLON

Of course, i-Miev is a fully electric car and there is no gasoline fuel tank. However, it is easy to see what capacity a hypothetical gas tank on this loser will have supposing it was a gas-powered vehicle.

It is HALF-A-GALLON! WHAT? Well, we took its ranhe (62 miles) and divided by its MPG of 112 (MPGe to be precise) and arrived at about 0.5 or half. (Actually it is 0.55 to be on safe legal ground.)


If you are leading a boring life i-MiEV will add unpredictability to it with you not knowing where are going to be stranded next. Hope you have access to affordable towing services. You will need it. Unless you use it as the world's most expensive closet - never driving it and storing stuff in it.

Mitsubishi's Words

Mitsubishi 2012 I-MIEV MPG-e by EPA?

On MPGe: MPGe stands for "miles per gallon equivalent." It's a new ranking system developed by the EPA to measure the efficiency of electric/alternative energy vehicles, much like "miles per gallon" explains the efficiency of gas-powered vehicles with a simple number.
So what does our class-leading 112 MPGe9 rating tell you? It's rather good news. It means that the energy present in one gallon of gasoline (if you converted that gallon into electricity) can send the Mitsubishi i a whopping 112 miles....

On driving range: Based on independent EPA testing, the Mitsubishi i can travel 62 miles on a full charge, in typical driving conditions. Incidentally, the EPA's MPGe ratings came in at 126 City and 99 Highway for a combined 112 MPGe....

Mitsubishi 2012 I-MIEV Range

Last Update: October 30, 2011