Mitsubishi Electric Car 2012 Problems Review - DOA

October 16, 2011. 2012 Mitsubishi i-Miev electric cars are a driver's nightmare. Whether it it range-anxiety, incredibly long charging time, poor road performance and almost zero resale value, Mitsubishi EV / MiEV cars have them in plenty. And add some confusing and misleading claims by Mitsubishi Motors (nothing surprising here judging by their history) and we have a car worse than an electric golf cart. Remember Ford Pinto, Mitsubishi Montero, or Mitsubishi Eclipse?

Range-Anxiety: 62 Miles! More likely 40 miles or lower!

Mitsubishi 2012 I-MIEV Range Anxiety

62 miles is EPA's estimate and Mitsubishi Motors is somewhat shy about letting potential buyers know about it. It is 62 miles assuming that the driving involves no special conditions like hilly terrain, extremely hot or cold climate etc. Under less than full charge (80% seems to be maximum under fastest charging method) and older battery which loses charge capacity (say to 80%) this range drops to less than 40 miles. This is assuming everything else is normal.

Charging Time: 22+ Hours!

Mitsubishi 2012 I-MIEV Charging Time: 22 hours

22 plus hours for a full recharge on standard 110V outlet! HOURS not minutes. Optional (and expensive meaning costing thousands of dollars) 220V outlet with shorten this time to 6 hours. A few rare professional fast-chargers might shorten this time but most of us should not count on them.


0-60mph in about 13+ seconds. Enough said. Try merging with the traffic or overtaking another car! What about the (theoretical) maximum speed of about 80 miles per hour? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Good luck going above 60 mph on this lemon. Another Yugo in making?

Resale Value

Close to 0 (zero). Mitsubishi Motors is infamous for having among the lowest resale value for its cars and trucks. Battery is expensive and should depreciate faster than those dismal numbers. I-Miev will continue the tradition. Owning Mitsubishi vehicles is a losing proposition.

Dismal Sales in Japan: About 200 a month

Recently Mitsubishi Motors mentioned that it had delivered 3,000 of its electric car i-Miev during the first 15 months it was on sale in Japan. Given that Japan is its home country here Mitsubishi brand is very well known, where it has hundreds of thousands of employees and family members who are of car-purchasing age, are sold in Tokyo and its vicinity where most of Japan's population resides where range-anxiety is potentially less of a concern because of its compact geographical nature, and has a very-friendly governement that helped build about 200 fast-charging stations a feat unlikely to be repeated in the USA, the sales figure of about 200 per month is indeed very low. i-Miev is a huge failure in Japan. Will it be a success in the USA? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

Worst Dealer Network in the USA

Mitsubishi dealers are far and few. On top of that Better Business Bureau rates its dealers quite low. And an annual dealership survey conducted by a leading market research company finds Mitsubishi dealers to be the worst among over 40 brands - year after year.

Bad Reviews by the Press galore

Reviews by honest press has been more or less negative. A few neutral or slightly positive reviews by web sites many of which seem to be undercover affiliates of Mitsubishi (look for links to car buying for which they are paid real dollars) or for ads surrounding the text related to the 'review.'

Very Poor Fuel Tank Capacity Equivalent : Half a Gallon!!!

What if it were gas-powered vehicle? What would have been its fuel-tank capacity. Turns it it would have been about half a gallon, keeping drivers tense all the time perhaps leading to several nervous breakdowns.


Mitsubishi i-Miev electric cars are for losers. Avoid this piece of crap.

Note: Snapshot's from MItsubishi's site are shown for comments on their electric cars' range and charging times. For more information please go to their site Mitsubishi i-Miev Cars Offical Site (Sucks a lot)

Last Update: October 16, 2011