Mitsubishi Sucks

Every Mitsubishi built ... has been a complete piece of crap....Maybe every Mitsubishi ever built has been junk. - Jack Baruth

Forbes Magazine's Worst Car Flops of 2011

There's nothing sporty about the [2011 Mitsubishi] Outlander Sport SUV, and there's not much utility either. quoting Jake Fisher of Consumer Reports.

Popular Mechanics Magazine Reviews Mitsubishi i-MiEV

That's a total of just about 54 miles; within the i-Miev's range as long as the air conditioning wasn't turned on and the drivers were careful....colleagues riding two-up reported more perilous drains on their cars' batteries. And one two-man crew managed to miss an exit and drain their i-Miev completely.

Consumer Reports Charged the i Car

I spent the weekend charging the i-MIEV. Occasionally I drove it.... During a sprint up a long hill I watched the state-of-charge gauge visibly retreat, apparently consuming the equivalent of an eighth of our range in a couple of minutes.

Is Mitsubishi Finally Dead? What a Relief.

Mitsubishi Sales in Death Spiral?

December 5, 2011. Well, almost. For the entire month of October 2011, it sold about 3500 cars and SUVs. While the US auto market is bouncing back, Mitsubishi Motors is going its usual way - DOWN. How long will it continue? It is anybody's guess but we speculate that after 2013 when the labor contract at Normal, Illinois is apparently over, it might not be renewed. Meanwhile it will continue bleeding money. BTW its i-Miev is a total loser too. LOSER LOOSER LOOOSER.


November 12, 2011. NHTSA is planning to conduct crash test on 2012 i-MiEV models. We strongly advise you to wait for the crash test results before make any purchase decision. Moreover, recently Federal safety regulators announced that they were examining lithium-ion batteries used in electric cars because a Chevrolet Volt ignited and caught fire three weeks after a crash test. Mitsubishi too uses lithium-ion batteries in many of their electric cars. Please just be careful.

By the way, Euro NCAP (New Car Assessment Programme) tested this model and found it lacking in several safety standards. "The passenger compartment was judged to be unstable.." "score for the driver's chest was penalised and protection of this body region was rated as marginal." "Most of the floor in the driver's footwell was heavily distorted.." "Structures in the dashboard posed a risk of injury to the knees and femurs of both the driver and passenger." and so on. We hope you get the point.

Mitsubishi Dealers Lying about iMiev Range?

Are Mitsubishi Dealers Lying About IMiEV's Driving Range on a Single Full Charge?

Oct 22, 2011. We found several Mitsubishi dealers claiming on their websites that i's battery range is 155 miles! Intentional lying by dealers or they being misled by Mitsubishi Motors?

Mitsubishi Electric Car I-MIEV 2012: YUGO PINTO MONTERO of 21st Century?

Mitsubishi 2012 I-MIEV Range Anxiety

October 15, 2011. These are among the most important criteria for buying electric cars: range, charging time, and resale value. Well, the range is officially 62 miles (snapshots regarding range and charging times from Mitsubishcars website) (in real-life it will likely be lower - sometimes very significantly). Recharge time is officially 22.5 hours when using 110 volt outlets. Over time this time should increase. And resale value after say 3 years, in our humble view, will be close to zero! Click the link at the heading for more.

Mitsubishi 2012 I-MIEV Description

Mitsubishi Electric Car I-MIEV 2012 Driving Range Review

October 16 2011. What is the driving range of Mitsubishi Electric cars? 62 miles officially, 30 to 40 miles realistically. Read why we think so. Typical charging at home time is 22 hours or more! Enjoy!

Mitsubishi Galants Lose Resale Value Real Fast.

(February 18, 2010.) Just like Eclipses, Eclipse Spyders, Lancers, Outlanders, Endeavors. Raiders. Not The Oakland Raiders, but Mitsubishi Raiders. Remember them? A chart comparing how fast the Galants lose their resale values compared to their competitors, follows. More charts and write ups to follow.

Mitsubishi Galants lose resale value fast

2010 Mitsubishi Outlander Review: Cheap plastic interior, Sluggish engine, Bad Value

2010 Mitsubishi Galant's Problem: MOST DANGEROUS!

Forbes finds 2010 Mitsubishi Galant Dangerous (not safe) to drive

January 23, 2010. On Forbes' Most Dangerous Cars of 2010 list. Mitsubishi calls its 2010 Galants "one of the safest cars on the road today." Who is right?

Mitsubishi Problems worst compared to Toyota, Honda, Hyundai and even Kia!

2003 Mitsubishi Cars Problems

Mitsubishi dealers placed last on Pied Piper's Prospect Satisfaction Index survey in 2009, 2008

Mitsubishi Dealers Sucks

SCANDALS: Fuso Truck Clutch Box, Hub, Fire

Mitsubishi LEMONS Galore in New Jersey 10-year Study.

Lancer (Evolution Evo) Poor CRASH Test

Employment Discrimination at Mitsubishi - Race, Gender, Age, Disability, ...

Sexual/gender Harassment at Mitsubishi Motors

Mitsubishi Motors's handling of incident of widespread sexual abuse and harassment at its Normal, Illinois plant prompted National Organization for Women (NOW) to state that "Mitsubishi's response to complaints of sexual abuse and harassment has been abhorrent. [It] tried to hide its own bad management by scapegoating the women who have brought the charges, claiming that they may bring the company down and cost their co-workers their jobs. The manufacturer has resorted to attempts to intimidate the women and to pit employee against employee, effectively increasing hostility on the job." NOW crowned it as a Merchant of Shame

Racial discrimination at Mitsubishi companies seem to be a standard fare, judging by the lawsuits brought against it. I too sued Mitsubishi Electric Japan for its employment-related racial discrimination. Mitsubishi Electronics USA president who lured me to Japan for intentional harassment, was party to an age discrimination lawsuit in the USA.

It really amused me when I went to a Mitsubishi Electric website and it claimed Disability Rights as one of the company's main themes. I was in their Computer Works in Kamakura, Japan and I don't recall seeing any disabled person there. There was nothing disabled-accessible there - except for an elevator in a building frequented by Western executive, and it had nice signs too! In Japan, disabled people have hard time getting jobs at conservative companies like Mitsubishi.

World War II POW Slave Labor Issue

Mitsubishi : Empire of Exploitation by Linda Goetz Holmes
Whether it was transporting Allied POWs by "Hell Ships" or mistreating them in slave labor camps, Mitsubishi Group companies seemed quite willing to do their share.

Hanawa (Sendai #6) Slave Labor POW Camp for Mitusibishi Copper Mining
Unthinkable tortune and mistreatment of allied POWs by Mitsubishi.

Maurice "Mo" Mazer survived the Bataan Death March. He was sent to Hanawa Camp to work for Mitsubishi Mining in its copper mines. Mazer says he was crippled for life when nonmilitary overseers ran a full cart of ore into him because he had complained about conditions in the mine. "They were standing there, laughing," Mazer remembers. His crime, he says, was not bowing low enough.

Even after 55 years and a lifetime farming in China, Li Yunde says the memories of toiling and starving as a forced laborer at Mitsubishi Takashima Coal Mine Co. in Kyushu during World War II still make him cry. He was one of estimated millions of Chinese forced to work in mines, armament factories and constructing railroads by the occupying Japanese forces.

Oh Heun Kwon of Los Angeles was a slave labor at a Mitsubishi shipbuilding plant in Japan in 1944

In Korea, Japanese firms used about 5 million Koreans as slave laborers, Oh Heun Kwon of Los Angeles was a slave labor at a Mitsubishi shipbuilding plant in Japan in 1944 of whom about 250,000 were taken to Japan, said a lawyer for plaintiffs seeking compensation from firms like Nippon Steel U.S.A. Inc. and Mitsubishi Corp. 500,000 Filipinos served as slave laborers, according to him.

In a statement, the Mitsubishi Corporation says that forced labor is inconsistent with the company's values, and that the various lawsuits targeting Mitsubishi are misdirected. Instead, a spokesman says the Mitsubishi of World War II is not the same Mitsubishi of today. The conglomerate also rejected a Chinese slave labor lawsuit demand by saying it bore no responsibility since it was national policy to employ Chinese laborers.


This website (, not affiliated with Mitsubishi group of companies, tracks Mitsubishi's activies related to the major issues like consumer protection from product defects/fraud, employment discrimination, environment, WWII (POW) slave labor. Effort will be made to give a global perspective.

Material will be added gradually. On Mitsubishi cars, this site already contains more critical and important information than any site we are aware of. However, we are constantly striving and adding more. It is a consumer interest, non-profit site and your feedback is always most welcome. Hope this site was useful to you.

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